Pricing Your Home

How Much Equity Do You Have To Work With? Consider These Factors

Before you set an asking price for your home, your Sales Representative can help you complete a “Home Market Analysis”. The Home Market Analysis presents an opportunity to review and evaluate the facts before you make a very important decision – the price you’ll ask for your home. Even though we’ll set the market range for your home, you determine the actual listing price.

If you want to sell quickly, your home should probably be listed on the lower end of the price range we determine. On the other hand, you may be in no hurry and more interested in obtaining maximum equity from the sale. In that case, the higher end of the price range may be more to your satisfaction. But remember that ultimately, it is the buyer who will determine the price.

Our Home Market Analysis Will:

  • Show what’s happening in the local real estate market right now.
  • Show what buyers are willing to pay for homes similar to yours.
  • Show what they won’t pay.
  • Show which homes will be competing with yours for buyers’ attention.

The analysis also helps us look at your home from a buyer’s perspective – the perspective that counts when you’re pricing your home to sell. Using this process, we will establish a realistic listing price and increase the percentage of qualified buyers who look at your property.