Commitment to Service

Our Promise To You

We promise our customers the best possible real estate experience. We put that promise in writing. We hold ourselves accountable to a standard of service unparalleled in the industry.

Premier Service differentiates us in a marketplace filler with me-too service offerings. We are the only national real estate company with Sales Associates who put their commitment in writing and then measure their success with an independent third party survey.

Premier Service is a proprietary process of listening to our customers’ needs, committing to meet agreed-upon expectations in writing, delivering on those expectations, measuring and evaluating our effectiveness, and then using this information for continuous improvement.

Trusted Advisors, Skilled Negotiators And Expert Facilitators Premier Service positions our Sales Associate as a Trusted Advisor, Skilled Negotiator and Expert Facilitator, taking their practice of real estate to the highest level of customer satisfaction and accountability. This represents a strong competitive advantage and underscores our dedication to providing the best possible service experience.

Premier Service works hard for both customer and Sales Associates. With a 94% national Customer Satisfaction Rating, * Sales Associates reap impressive benefits like, improved repeat business and expanded referral business.

Premier Service is much more than a marketing process; it’s a business philosophy that has become the cornerstone of our culture.