Successful Open House

A Few Proven Tips

  • When you have reached the stage where it’s time to show your home, think from a buyer’s perspective; your home seems fine to you but potential buyers will examine every square inch of your house before they begin to think about making a purchase.
  • Let your sales professional handle the Open House arrangements, but do what you can to make sure the home looks its best.
  • Cleanliness, neutral decor, necessary repairs and the first impressions of potential buyers are four main points of concern when showing a home.
  • Kitchens, baths and entries are among the most important parts of the home to concentrate on. Prospective buyers pay close attention to details in such areas.
  • Plan to be gone during the Open House so that prospective buyers will discuss your home openly with your real estate sales professional. If you can’t leave, let your sales professional do the talking. He or she can discuss price, terms, possession and other factors, as well as handle objections or questions.
  • Many sellers have beautiful homes – and have received favorable comments from guests, friends and real estate professionals. But when its time to sell, what matters most is what the buyer likes.
  • The Home Merchandising System combines our real estate marketing expertise with our vast knowledge of the home to show you how to enhance your home from a buyer’s perspective. Contact us and we will will walk you through your home and help you see it from a buyer’s point of view. They will show you just where to concentrate your efforts – and give you a chance to identify all the positive features that you’ll want buyers to notice.