Marketing Your Home

When you are a homeowner looking to buy, one of your first considerations naturally is the sale of your own home. The last thing you want is to find the perfect home and have to wait on your previous house to sell. Therefore, it’s vital to attract potential buyers.

Statistics show that real estate agents are the best single source for bringing buyers to a home. More often than yard signs, newspaper ads or any other type of advertising effort, it’s agents who will let buyers know about your home. The same is true of buyers from out of town. Nationally, more than one-third of all buyers come from out of town, so it’s vitally important for you to work with a real estate professional who can access all the out-of-town prospects. We mobilize the real estate community to work for you.

Our Home Marketing System is a comprehensive marketing approach and the key to bringing buyers to your home. We’ll also implement the Home Marketing Upgrade System to give your home maximum exposure and reach your home’s target audience – prospective buyers and the real estate community that controls those buyers. The sooner you can sell your old home, the easier the transition to the new one.

In addition to mobilizing the real estate community and creating maximum exposure for your home, we will also work closely with prospective buyers. For instance, we know that a qualified buyer is better able to make an offer, purchase a home and complete the sale. Consequently, we’ll only begin with those prospects that qualify – the ones with the motivation, authority and financial resources to buy your home.

Though each agent has his or her own style, all of our sales professionals possess one thing in common: They are backed by the extensive resources and support only our office can bring to bear in the marketing of your home.