Energy Savers

Energy Saving Improvements

Type Of Improvement: Windows And Doors

Energy-saving windows and doors have a certain appeal to the energy-conscious  buyer. An aging front door can be replaced with an energy-efficient door. A  sliding glass door may be replaced with an energy-efficient swinging patio door.  Sliding windows may be replaced with insulated windows.

Recovery can reach 45 percent

Although these projects improve comfort and appearance, their recovery value  is low because most buyers assume that windows and doors will be in good  condition. If you can do the work yourself, a good payoff is probable.

Type Of Improvement: Insulation

If you own an older home, your loose-fill attic insulation may have compacted  significantly, causing energy loss. New fiberglass roll insulation may be added  to bring the depth up to 10 inches and help you reap substantial energy savings.

Recovery can reach 25 percent

Beefing up insulation in your home improves comfort and lowers energy bills  but doesn’t add much value to your home. Today’s buyers feel entitled to  adequate levels and don’t pay much more for a house that is well insulated.

Type Of Improvement: Energy-Efficient  Fireplace

Fireplaces hold great appeal. Options include going with a prefabricated  fireplace or installing a brick one.

Recovery can reach 100 percent

Many buyers are willing to pay extra for a fireplace – even in climates where  a fireplace isn’t a necessity. The prefabricated fireplace project can earn a  good recovery because a prefab unit with a boxed in metal chimney will be much  less expensive than a real brick one.

Type Of Improvement: New Heating System

If your furnace is old and needs replacing, an energy-efficient gas furnace  will save money in the long run. The project may not require any major  alterations to ductwork throughout the house, but most likely, a contractor will  be necessary.

Recovery can reach 50 percent

Buyers expect a functional heating system. A high-efficiency furnace is a  bonus they’ll like but may not reward. If your old furnace works and you plan to  sell soon, let the buyer replace the heating system.

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