Decorating – An Overview

Your Personal Decorating Style

When preparing to sell your home, think about how your personal decorating  style may affect prospective buyers. You want your home to be clean and  clutter-free and as neutral as possible so buyers can visualize how their  furnishings will look in your home. And keep in mind, there is a difference  between how you live in your home and how it should look once it’s on the  market.

Create an Entry

What does your home say when potential buyers walk in the front door? Since  your front entry is your home’s first visual impression, you want it to be as  inviting as possible.

Welcoming Entryway

Even if your home doesn’t have a distinct entryway, you can create one that  is warm and welcoming using a few suggestions from the pros: Establish a focal  point with a plant, print or decorative lamp. You might add attractive storage  with a wall shelf or table artfully arranged with collectibles and flowers. Or  just hang a picture or mirror on the wall, and put out a decorative throw rug.

Plants Add A Warm Touch

Large floor plants, hanging plants and fresh flowers add color and fragrance  to any room. If you want your room to appear more spacious, add a tall green  plant. Healthy floor plants are attractive and fill bare spaces by adding height  to a room.

Lighting Is Valuable

A home awash with natural sunlight is highly desirable to prospective buyers,  so open your curtains, raise the shades and let in the sun. Move large  furnishings away from your windows if they block the light or view.

Decorating With Light

Lighting is an inexpensive and effective way to enhance your decorating. If  you have a particularly nice feature or area – perhaps a plant or artwork – spotlighting the subject can be a nice touch. And for a special mood in one of  your rooms, such as the dining room, install a dimmer switch.

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