December Gardening Tips

More often than not, it’s the year-round care you give a garden that pays off  dividends in the spring and summer. Follow these tips to a better garden.

Better Garden Tips

  • Water houseplants less often since they grow more slowly on short, dark days. Too much water will kill them. Do not fertilize them unless they are growing under artificial lights.
  • Shop for garden books, magazines subscriptions, tools, seeds or gift certificates for gardeners on your holiday list.
  • When buying poinsettias or other gift plants, make sure they are well wrapped to protect them from freezing air temperatures and take them home right away. You may need to poke a hole in foil-wrapped containers so water doesn’t collect around the roots.
  • Remember to feed and put water out for birds. They’ll reward you by staying healthy and ridding your garden of many pests during the next growing season.


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